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Day 1

October 16, 2012

There is a man in the sky, so high up that I can’t see him, and he is watching me all the time. He is kind and wants good things for me, but I should fear him because sometimes he gets angry and destroys things. He watches me to see if I’m good or bad. If I’m bad he might destroy me. But he loves me because he created me. He created everything: the world, my cat, my family, grass, ballet shoes, my friends, my white-blond hair, ladybugs, my Mom’s fried chicken. He loves everything he created until those things are bad. When things are bad, he destroys them.

We go to church to learn about him and to learn how to be good so that he does not destroy us. We don’t deserve his love because we are bad inside and not good, and he wants to destroy the bad in the world that he created. But church helps us learn how to be good, and we are good just by going. So we go three times a week. There is no choice in the matter because we want to be good so we won’t be destroyed.

He has a son who also loves us very much. He let us destroy his son, and then his son took the blame for all of us so that his dad won’t destroy us for destroying him. I didn’t destroy his son, but other humans did, and I’m a human, so I helped. His son died because we killed him because he loves us. We don’t deserve him, either, but we must believe that he was real and that he existed and that he died and rose again in order for us not to be destroyed. So we believe it because we don’t want to be destroyed.

If we believe it, we might get to join him and his son in the sky when we die. That’s where everyone who has died before me but after his son is. We don’t know about the people who were born before his son; they probably aren’t there, even if they tried very hard to be good. But all the people born after who believe are, including my two grandpas and my grandma. If I do a good job of telling everyone this story, then all the people I know will go there when they die too. We won’t be lonely or afraid in this place and it will be a party. It has gold roads that stretch forever and clear skies and only happiness. My cat probably won’t go there when she dies, though, because she doesn’t have the ability to believe. So she will be destroyed.

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