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Thoughts of a hypochondriac.

April 15, 2010

Am I getting sick? I don’t know. I’m not hungry, and it’s 6:30 p.m. That’s weird. I think I have a sore throat. Why am I not hungry? I ate that sandwich I found in the kitchen at 4:30. It had mayonnaise on it and God knows how long it was sitting out. Maybe it’s food poisoning. But that takes longer than two hours to activate and, oh yeah, I have that sore throat. What am I going to do? Tomorrow’s Friday, and NYEG is coming to see me. And I’m getting a massage on work time tomorrow because my neck is fucked up because of work. It’s going to be awesome. My insurance is covering it. I’m getting a free massage on work time tomorrow. I can’t miss that. And I’m supposed to go eat sushi with sarahthe tonight. What if I have to throw up the wasabi I’m so bent on overloading myself on when I eat sushi? Jesus, can you imagine throwing up wasabi? It’s hard enough going down, when it only comes close to your nose. Can you imagine it COMING UP OUT of your nose?

Mmm. Sushi sounds good, actually. Maybe I am hungry.

Maybe I am okay.

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