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T-Minus One Day

September 11, 2009

Jesus H. Christ, I’m moving tomorrow. TOMORROW.

Last night in lieu of packing I decided to catch up on Californication.

Today I need to steal some newspapers from somewhere so that I can pack my dishes and glassware.

The movers are coming sometime between 3 and 8. Yeah, that seemed like a long time period to me too. I’m going to have to plan on 3, though, which means getting up early to finish packing so I can uproot my whole life again. The sixth time in four years, to be exact. Six is my lucky number.

Last night I told C that my heart isn’t really in this. Today I’m asking myself the following questions:

Will my heart ever be in it?

How long should I stay with my heart not in it?

How long should I keep trying to make my heart be in it?

My friend KTC added another:

How long has my heart not been in it?

But I know that answer. I’d say probably a few months before I fell in love with another man in the spring of 2007.

Am I really moving back in with my husband tomorrow? Is it really going to happen?

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  1. September 13, 2009 5:24 pm

    What does your husband say when you tell him your heart really isn’t into moving back in with him? If your heart isn’t in it, why are you doing it and why does he want you to do it?

    Seems like you already know it won’t work… Why bother going through the whole “oh hell it’s not working, I’m moving out again” process if you don’t have to? Why not move in with your friend as she offered and then maybe, if your heart is ever in it, you move back in with the hubby. If it’s not fixed yet, moving back in with him will not fix it…

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